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build (blog)

  • why you will never find plant oils in build (skincare)

    as you know, build (skincare) is about being #basic. fyi natural ≠ basic (insert appeal to nature fallacy here). actually it's quite the opposite. if you've ever looked at a cell or even a flower under a microscope you'd see the intricacies of nature pretty clearly (and it's actually very beautiful).
  • why you need to simplify your skincare routine

    skincare is like food. skincare loaded with marketing actives is like fast food. it tastes good and feels good when you're eating it but ultimately you're spending money on food that is loaded with salt, sugar and fat which in excess is not good for your body. simple skincare is like raw vegetables (no dip). they are bland. they are boring. but ultimately they contribute more to a healthy body.
  • 10 (random) facts about the owner & founder

    let’s get personal!   as an entrepreneur, I sometimes feel pressure to appear as if skincare is my life and that’s why you should trust my brand. ...
  • 5 ways you can support a small business

    small businesses are a crucial part of our economy and society. at the helm of small businesses are daring, brave and ambitious founders who are driven by passion and innovation!