our story

build (skincare) is a passion project...

my skincare journey started when I was fairly young. as a teenager, I developed cystic acne. I tried every acne product on the shelf, but none worked as advertised. by the end of my first year of university, I was finishing my first course of isotretinoin, and things were clearing up. but two years later, the acne was back. I started the search for a cure all over again. things were different the second time around, however. I learned that my struggle with acne was about skin and overall health not just hygiene. skincare can only do so much. recognizing that was the biggest step I took on the road to treating my acne which to this day is a daily struggle. but skincare can do something – at least when designed to improve skin quality, rather than to keep up with marketing fads.

guided by science...

since I was pursuing a bachelor’s of science in biology at the time, I used the skills I was developing and the academic resources available to me to research not the products on the shelf, but the ingredients in the products. I was guided by science, not advertising, and my skin improved because of it. like many others, when I finally graduated from university, I felt lost, like I made a mistake by studying what I did. but I realized I could combine my bachelor’s with my passion for skincare by pursuing a program in cosmetic science.

a journey of learning and growth

in the blink of an eye, I applied, was accepted, and moved from ottawa to toronto to start my new journey. I was ecstatic. I formulated cosmetics (skincare and makeup) and learned about cosmetic markets, advertising, safety, and regulation. the program gave me the opportunity to work in toxicology for the government of canada, investigating the safety of cosmetic ingredients entering the canadian market. and after graduating, I landed a job in cosmetic product development at a biotechnology company. it was my dream job. I was to design, formulate, and market cosmetic products. I developed 3 signature products within 1.5 years, worked on business planning, packaging design, marketing, brand development, material sourcing, and more.

to the blossoming of build (skincare)

unfortunately, the brand never made it to market, and I subsequently decided to leave the position. I looked for new cosmetic work while working part time at a coffee shop to keep myself afloat. I applied to many positions. I got call backs from a few. I interviewed five times for a single position only to never hear from them again. I felt so defeated. I began to suffer from extreme anxiety. my dream career in skincare felt impossible. in spring 2020, I decided that I wasn’t going to let my passion, knowledge, and skills go to waste. I decided to start build (skincare). build (skincare) isn't about trending ingredients, marketing, unsubstantiated claims, or pseudoscience. build (skincare) is real skincare designed by a real person who loves and wants the most for their skin. build (skincare) is as much for me as it is for you. I want to build a future for myself. I want to build products for the both of us.