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gentle powder-to-cream facial cleanser

2.47 oz. net wt. (70 g)

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b-wash was designed to be the ultimate gentle skin cleanser. when mixed with water, b-wash instantly transforms from a powder to a velvety cream to both cleanse and soften the skin. tapioca starch imparts a silky texture while sorbitol (a sugar) grips onto water, helping to soften the skin and buffer the cleansing effects for a gentler clean. b-wash rinses clean, leaving the skin feeling fresh, cleansed and softened.

 " I wanted b-wash to be absolutely bare bones. there are a lot of cleansers infused with actives on the market and I have to be honest with you - cleansers are designed to remove. I think we want more from each step of our skincare routine but unfortunately actives like hyaluronic acid or vitamin c have no place in a cleanser nor can they properly deliver in that format. b-wash is my attempt to create a cleanser that cleanses and that's it - no actives, no exfoliation, nothing extra! I challenged myself to formulate a basic cleanser that is fun to use and landed on this incredible powder-to-cream formula. this formula is perfect for someone who is looking to cut back on what they put on their skin. "- jonah ray (owner & founder)


dispense approximately a teaspoon of product into wet hands. rub hands together to create a creamy foam. use less powder or add more water for a gentler clean.

*note: product must be kept closed when not in use. prevent moisture from entering the bottle.


tapioca starch, sorbitol, sodium methyl cocoyl taurate, polymethylsilsesquioxane, sodium chloride, xanthan gum, aqua, potassium sorbate

features: skin softening and conditioning sorbitol sugar / bio-based anionic surfactant sodium methyl cocoyl taurate


need to know more? check out our FAQs


  • dilute with extra water for a gentler clean
  • use b-wash as a second cleanse in your double-cleansing routine
  • wet hands are sufficient enough to create a creamy texture with b-wash



cap: PP [5] / orifice reducer: LDPE [4] / bottle: PET [1] / label: vinyl


step 1: remove the cap & orifice reducer

step 2: rinse out any residue in the bottle

step 3: screw orifice reducer and cap back onto bottle

step 4: remove label (dispose in regular trash)

step 5: toss into your curbside recycling bin

* before recycling always make sure to check that your area recycles these plastic types.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Amazing for travel

I bought this stuff to see if it would work as a travel cleanser and it passed with flying colours! I have very sensitive skin and can only use non-fragranced cleanser without actives in them. For reference, I normally use the La Roche posay cleanser in the white bottle which is basically like washing your face with a moisturizer. This stuff is awesome because 1) it’s very easy to use, just put a little bit in your hand and I add some water to it to form a nice lather 2) it’s very gentle, I had no irritation at all using this and the lather is very soft it didn’t dry my skin out 3) it cleans your face, I used this after seeing beyonce in Vancouver and after i did my first cleanse I used this and it helped me wash off all the sweat, makeup, and grime off my face 4) it’s so convenient for travelling, I don’t have to worry about liquids with carry on travel and I don’t have to depot my cleanser at home. I’ve told all my friends about it and will be using it on an upcoming backpacking trip and next year for camping :)

Best cleanser I've ever used

My favorite step is cleansing and i love trying out new cleansers but this one is for sure a repurchase. Feels great on the skin, non stripping and cleanses well. and at a great price point too

Jessica Dubois
Beautifully gentle

This cleanser is such a joy to use. It’s very gentle and silky. I love the feel on my skin during and after. Highly recommend.

Toni Apatira
Wanted to love it

I had heard great reviews about build skincare and I wanted a powder cleanser for an upcoming trip so I thought I'd try this one out especially since it does nothing but cleanse which was a huge selling point for me!

Unfortunately, my skin did not like it. This was rhe only thing I added to my routine and it caused irritation and just an overall more textured look to my skin which went away after discontinuing use of the product.

It's a shame as I wanted this to work out, guess I'll use it on my body. I did like the lather and it was shipped very quickly so everything else but the product performance was great!

Hope everyone else has more luck!

oh no! I'm sorry to hear b-wash didn't work out well for you... thank you for taking the time to review it. if you have any suggestions on how we can improve the formula, you can always email us at!

Lovely gentle cleanser

While my go to cleansers are usually gels, I ended up enjoying this way more than I thought. I just finished mine and I have to say it is a really unique product. This cleanser starts out as a finely milled powder, and when you add water it turns into a thin creamy cleanser. It is cleansing without being stripping, or irritating, and leaves skin feeling so smooth and soft. I noticed using the correct amount makes a big difference, at first I was using too little so definitely use the recommended amount!

Thanks for this awesome review! It's true - b-wash has an adjustable quality to it compared to using a gel cleanser. You can use more for a creamier feel or less for a lighter more serumy feel.