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weightless hydrating facial cream

2 fl. oz. (60 mL)

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who knew basic could be so elegant?

simple hydration in a weightless format. b-cream utilizes tried and true ingredients to provide hydration and lightweight moisture retention. a simple blend of neutral emollients and humectants help to recharge the water levels in your skin. glycerin attracts moisture to the skin while b-cream's specially formulated lamellar gel structure mimics the skins natural lipid bilayer to enhance penetration and retention of water in the deeper layers of the skin.

b-cream leaves your skin feeling plumped, bouncy and smooth. free from tackiness. free from greasiness.

"like b-balm and b-wash, b-cream is an uncomplicated formula. this cream is designed for individuals who are looking to simplify their moisturizing routine. b-cream is designed without any actives in an attempt to reduce potential for irritation. b-cream relies on very neutral ingredients that have an incredible track record for providing unbeatable results. why waste your money on hyaluronic acid when glycerin can do it better? don't be fooled by this simple formulation - it packs a punch!" - jonah ray (owner & founder)


massage a small amount of product onto freshly cleansed skin until fully absorbed. use morning and night.


aqua, caprylic/capric triglyceride, glycerin, propanediol, cetearyl glucoside, squalane, tribehenin, propylene glycol, cetearyl alcohol, petrolatum, glyceryl stearate citrate, peg-8 dimethicone, ammonium acryloyldimethyltaurate/vp copolymer, diazolidinyl urea, iodopropynyl butylcarbamate

features: medium-chain triglycerides / squalane / petrolatum / glycerin

need to know more? check out our FAQs


if b-cream feels a bit too light for nighttime use, try mixing in a bit of a facial oil or even better...b-balm.


original plastic packaging:


cap: PP [5] / cap liner: PP [5] / jar: PET [1] / label: vinyl


step 1: remove the cap

step 2: rinse out any residue in the jar

step 3: screw cap back onto jar

step 4: remove label (dispose in regular trash)

step 5: toss into your curbside recycling bin

* before recycling always make sure to check that your area recycles these plastic types.

updated glass packaging:


cap: PP [5] / cap liner: PP [5] / jar: glass / label: vinyl


step 1: remove the cap

step 2: rinse out any residue in the jar

step 3: remove label (dispose in regular trash)

step 4: toss into your curbside recycling bin

* before recycling always make sure to check that your area recycles these plastic types.

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  • is b-cream most suitable for oily or dry skin types?

    b-cream is designed to be lightweight and hydrating, making it suitable for a wide range of skin types, especially those looking for moisture without a heavy feel. experiment with layering b-balm for extra dry skin.

  • will the petrolatum in b-cream cause me to break out?

    usp grade petrolatum in skincare products like b-cream is beneficial for trapping moisture in the skin, contributing to its hydration. additionally, due to its inert qualities, petrolatum is less likely to cause skin irritation or breakouts compared to plant oils making it suitable for various skin types.

  • is there a risk of contaminating b-cream by using my fingers to apply it from the jar?

    b-cream incorporates a highly effective preservative system to inhibit microbial growth, ensuring the product remains safe for use. It's important to apply b-cream with clean hands to reduce the risk of contamination to both b-cream and your skin, maintaining its efficacy and hygiene.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

New favorite moisturizer.

Luxury cream

I simply love this moisturizer. I love the texture; it feels so luxurious going on the skin. It simply checks all the boxes for me. I use it in tandem with the b-balm and it is a perfect combination. Especially now that it is winter, my skin is loving it. I have dehydrated skin and fine lines from age and sun damage. The duo along with my retinol serum do a fine job of making my skin look and feel better. So happy I found these products!

Pretty good

Been using this for several weeks now and I like it. My only qualms are that it's not as deeply moisturizing on my extremely dry rosacea and eczema-y skin as I would like and it does have a bit of a chemical smell to it, which fades quickly but isn't lovely initially. However, once it's warmed up it spreads out and absorbs into the skin with no tackiness or filmy sensation. I might try the balm next and combine them to see if that gives my skin what it needs. (The shipping estimate to the West Coast of the US was also hella off, but that's not a big deal.)


I finally found a moisturizer that does not irate my sensitive skin. It hydrates my winter skin, without being heavy and oily.

Dream Cream!

I cannot begin to describe how much I love this cream. The application is perfection! It feels lightweight and easily melts into the skin, but provides instant nourishment and feels divine. I've always struggled with moisturizers. Everything was always too heavy, or too light. This is right in the middle and is perfection. I am always too scared to try new moisturizers for fear of breaking out. Luckily, one of my fave skin influencers, sambythecounter, raved about this product and I am so glad I took that recommendation. I've experienced nothing but beautiful skin since buying it. The b-balm is also another favourite. I'm a build fan for life now!