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multi-purpose moisturizing gel-balm

1 fl. oz. (30 mL)

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with the help of squalane, medium-chain triglycerides and occlusive powerhouse petrolatum, b-balm creates a thin barrier that helps to moisturize and lock in hydration. b-balm's hybrid gel-balm texture is velvety-smooth and highly spreadable, melting into the skin to provide immediate moisturizing, softening and soothing benefits. although waterless and highly emollient, b-balm feels featherlight on the skin.

" I created b-balm out of a need for something incredibly basic yet incredibly moisturizing. my sister and I both use prescription acne creams. occasionally we get extreme dryness around our eyes and on our necks. I couldn't find anything on the market with an ingredient composition like b-balm. b-balm is ultra-moisturizing - there's no water in the formulation. it is extremely gentle and incredibly nourishing and suitable for acne prone skin (don't let petrolatum fool you). I like to use b-balm around my eyes at night and on particularly dry days I take a very small amount, warm it between my palms and pat it all over my face. you can think of it as a solid facial oil. " -jonah ray (owner & founder)


use b-balm as the last step in your skincare routine. for light application warm a small amount of product between your palms and press into the dry areas of your face. to intensely moisturize dry areas - apply a small amount directly. b-balm can be used in place of a moisturizer or on top of a moisturizer.


squalane, caprylic/capric triglyceride, dextrin palmitate, synthetic wax, petrolatum, microcrystalline wax

*reformulated september 2022

features: squalane / medium-chain triglycerides / petrolatum

need to know more? check out our FAQs


  • try applying b-balm under the eyes at night
  • try applying b-balm as a lip mask at night
  • a little goes a long way
  • use b-balm all over the face or to spot treat extra dry areas


original plastic packaging:


cap: PP [5] / cap liner: PP [5] / jar: PET [1] / label: vinyl


step 1: remove the cap

step 2: rinse out any residue in the jar

step 3: screw cap back onto jar

step 4: remove label (dispose in regular trash)

step 5: toss into your curbside recycling bin

* before recycling always make sure to check that your area recycles these plastic types.

updated glass packaging:


cap: PP [5] / cap liner: PP [5] / jar: glass / label: vinyl


step 1: remove the cap

step 2: rinse out any residue in the jar

step 3: remove label (dispose in regular trash)

step 4: toss into your curbside recycling bin

* before recycling always make sure to check that your area recycles these plastic types.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Christina E
Great For Dry Skin On Tret

I have normal to dry skin and I’m obsessed with this balm!! I get dry patches all over my face because of tret and it makes it impossible to wear makeup. Usually I just slap some vaseline on my face but this balm is much more cosmetically elegant AND I can wear a thin layer under my makeup if needed. Plus I never wake up looking crepey now 🫶🏼

Saved me from eyelid eczema

I’ve been dealing with the worst eyelid eczema this month and nothing was helping it. But this was a huge game changer for me because it was lightweight enough that it wasn’t irritating my eyes but still providing lots of soothing and occlusive properties. I would put on a thick moisturizer like avene cicalfate and then the B balm on top and my eczema started clearing up in a few days.
I also prefer using this over Vaseline for slugging nights because it doesn’t leave a heavy film feeling on your face which isn’t super pleasant to sleep with. I’m always gonna keep a stash of this in my bathroom because of how much of a difference it made with my eczema.

Leslie P
intese skincare supersaver

it's quite emollient and people aren't kidding when they say you need just a little. you can just lightly dab your finger in and it will be enough to target areas that need a little bit more moisture.

Joy Stowe

Love supporting a Canadian brand👏👏👏🇨🇦 Big thank you to @sambythecounter for opening my eyes to a great product at home! These are my first purchases and I think they’re great and amazingly quick service.
I’m maybe in a different age bracket than the intended market (will be 70 next year😁) but I love the ingredients and no fragrance so very happy with my purchase. 👏👏👏

anyone who just wants nice, basic skincare is the target! glad you're enjoying the products you've purchased!


Honestly an amazing product. I tried the concept of face oil, slugging, balms before and never liked it. left me greasy and uncomfortable but this one is great. You only need a small amount and it honestly saved my skin after an eleven hours flight. such an elegant formula and great product.