what is build (skincare)?

build (skincare) is a minimalistic skincare brand. our formulations are designed to perform functions fundamental to healthy skin by utilizing simple ingredients. build (skincare) promotes healthy skin with hydration and moisturization at it's nucleus and unapologetically exploits synthetic ingredients for unmatched quality, performance and aesthetic appeal. the goal of build (skincare) is to simplify a complicated skincare regime by introducing basic skincare products.

your skin tells a unique and personalized story about your life – your age, acne breakouts from your youth, scars from injuries, sunspots from working outdoors, and the youthful glow of pregnancy. we believe that the skin has an outstanding ability to provide for and maintain itself when factors related to skin health are in balance. external factors such as the sun, pollution and diet can threaten the balance and wreak havoc on our skin, and it’s our job to support our skin so that it may combat these elements. we hope that build (skincare) will help your skin to maintain a balanced state so that it can remain healthy as it ages.

why build (skincare)?