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is build skincare vegan?

currently build skincare is vegan! if in the future build skincare decides to use any non-vegan ingredient, we will update our customers. we currently do not plan on using anything non-vegan!

what is build skincare 'free of'?

we do not believe in leading our marketing with 'free of' claims, however for those who are interested - here is a list of what build skincare currently does not contain. note: as long as an ingredient is determined to be safe, it has the potential to be included in any of our future products. the list below is subject to changes. this list is not all-encompassing.

- sodium lauryl sulfate

- parabens

- pthalates

- fragrance

- phenoxyethanol

- essential oils

- nut and seed oils

does build skincare contain synthetic ingredients?

build skincare primarily utilizes synthetic ingredients. we believe both synthetic and natural ingredients have their advantages, however synthetics are more versatile ingredients with higher functionality and performance and possess more pleasurable aesthetic properties. many of our ingredients of choice are derived from nature such as squalane (olives). these ingredients are derived from nature, however they have been processed and purified. it's worth noting that natural ingredients are rarely composed of only one chemical compound. for example, olive oil is not just an oil, it is composed of oleic acid, linoleic acid and palmitic acid among other compounds. this variability makes natural ingredients difficult to characterize and are therefore more complex when used in cosmetic preparations.

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