why a simple skincare routine is best: embracing minimalism in 2024

why a simple skincare routine is best: embracing minimalism in 2024

in today’s world, where the buzz of the latest skincare trends and the allure of complex routines dominate, there’s a growing movement that’s cutting through the noise with a clear, refreshing message: simplicity. at build (skincare), we’ve always believed in the power of minimalism. our philosophy? basic skincare that doesn’t compromise on quality. but why is a simple skincare routine often considered the best?


the science of simplicity

a minimalistic approach to skincare is not just a trend; it's a science-backed strategy for healthier skin. embracing a "less is more" philosophy allows your skin to maintain its natural balance and function optimally. overburdening it with too many products can sometimes lead to diminishing returns, where the benefits of each product are not fully realized. by focusing on what is truly essential, build (skincare) promotes a skincare routine that is both effective and simple.


achieving minimalism: our approach

at build (skincare), minimalism is at the core of everything we do, from our curated product range to our meticulous formulations. we believe that every ingredient should serve a purpose. our approach to minimalism isn’t just about having fewer products; it’s about ensuring that each product is crafted with intention, where every ingredient plays a critical role in the unique textures and properties of the products.

our formulations are designed to perform fundamental functions essential for healthy skin, utilizing simple ingredients (like glycerin and petrolatum) that work synergistically to hydrate, moisturize, and cleanse without unnecessary additives. this careful selection process ensures unmatched quality, performance, and aesthetic appeal, staying true to our commitment to simplicity and effectiveness.

embracing a minimalist skincare routine doesn’t mean compromising on the essentials needed for healthy, glowing skin. at build (skincare), we understand the importance of a streamlined approach that covers all bases without overwhelming your skin or your bathroom shelf. that’s why we’ve carefully curated "the full set bundle," making it easier than ever to adopt a skincare practice that is both simple and effective.


essentials of a minimalist skincare routine

before we dive into the essentials, let's highlight how the full set bundle aligns perfectly with the minimalist ethos. this thoughtfully assembled set includes our core products designed to cleanse, moisturize, treat, and protect your skin. by choosing the full set bundle, you’re not just simplifying your skincare routine; you’re also ensuring that every step is optimized for the best possible care with high-quality, purposeful formulations. 

  1. cleanser: starting with b-wash, our gentle yet effective cleanser...
  2. moisturizer: the bundle includes b-cream and b-balm, offering deep hydration...
  3. treatment: with a-gel, you get targeted care...
  4. protection: and we don’t forget about the crucial step of protection; modern sunscreen formulations...

inclusivity in skincare choices

we celebrate all skincare routines at build (skincare), understanding that skincare is a personal journey. whether you prefer a comprehensive routine or a minimalist approach, the key is caring for your skin in a way that suits you best. we support exploring skincare that brings you joy and confidence.

who might benefit from skin minimalism?

skin minimalism might be especially beneficial for those who:

  • experience sensitivity or irritation from complex routines.
  • prefer a straightforward, efficient skincare approach.
  • seek to maintain healthy skin with fewer products.
  • are new to skincare and want to start with a basic, effective routine.
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