why you will never find plant oils in build (skincare)

why you will never find plant oils in build (skincare)

as you know, build (skincare) is about being #basic. fyi natural ≠ basic (insert appeal to nature fallacy here). actually it's quite the opposite. if you've ever looked at a cell or even a flower under a microscope you'd see the intricacies of nature pretty clearly (and it's actually very beautiful).

let's be honest - the only thing that's simple about natural ingredients is their INCI. everyone knows what olive oil is in a general sense; however, if you were to look at olive oil from a chemists standpoint you wouldn't find tiny little olive oil molecules floating around, you would find a cocktail of molecules - oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, alpha-linoleic acid, 30 different phenolics, tyrosol, hydroxytyrosol, oleocanthal, oleuropein, tocopherol, the list goes on and on. why does this matter?

if I were to tell you I was providing a basic formula made of just a few plant oils I'd be lying my friends because that formula could potentially contain hundreds if not thousands of different molecules.

this isn't anti-natural, this is pro-simplicity. manufacturers of synthetic materials have perfected how they create materials to limit the amount of impurities (another fyi: synthetics also contain multiple compounds more often that not).

now why do I choose not to use plant oils? I want to keep it simple. I'm trying to account for as many ingredients as I can so I can predict the impact my products will have on as many individuals as I can even though that might sound like an impossible task. why I personally do not like to use natural oils on my own skin is because the fatty acid content and oil soluble fragrance compounds. oleic acid is a contributing factor to the growth and survival of acne bacteria on the skin. I much prefer the inert qualities of silicones and hydrocarbons. and yeah the fragrance discussion is like beating a dead horse at this point.
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