why you need to simplify your skincare routine

why you need to simplify your skincare routine

when I was younger and dealing with acne I had the misconception that I wasn't keeping good care of my skin. where did this misconception come from? the skincare industry itself. for years I would try product after product hoping for one that would finally make the difference I was looking for. that day never came despite what brands were telling me in their marketing. if I were able to go back in time and give my younger self skincare advice, I would tell him to stop everything he's doing. I would tell him his acne isn't because he is doing something wrong or because he hasn’t found the right products yet, but because acne is a skin disease. no amount of vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, plant extracts are going to change that. I can't tell my younger self that, but I can tell you that.

I've really been struggling to develop messaging for build (skincare) because of the direction the industry is headed. I get scared to send a message that contributes negatively to the current marketing environment around skincare. having a small business in the midst of a pandemic is difficult. it has NOT been easy. I think part of the reason is because I've been afraid to say how I really feel about skincare and it's made my brand messaging a bit jumbled. I wish I had the marketing expertise to be able to summarize everything I want to say in simple words but regardless here is my stab at it:

skincare is like food. skincare loaded with marketing actives is like fast food. it tastes good and feels good when you're eating it but ultimately you're spending money on food that is loaded with salt, sugar and fat which in excess is not good for your body. simple skincare is like raw vegetables (no dip). they are bland. they are boring. but ultimately they contribute more to a healthy body.

skincare is a BUSINESS first. brands want to sell you product because they want to make money. HECK I want to make money. but pushing ingredient after ingredient is becoming a dishonest game I don’t want any part in. if you are struggling with your skin, I invite you revisit your skincare routine and think about what is absolutely necessary to keep your skin in balance. #bstandsforbasic
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