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5 ways you can support a small business


let’s talk business!

small businesses are a crucial part of our economy and society. at the helm of small businesses are daring, brave and ambitious founders who are driven by passion and innovation!

as a small business ourselves, we made the somewhat crazy choice of launching a skincare brand during a pandemic. we are fortunate to be starting a business in an industry that has continued to grow despite social distancing and quarantining. many other small businesses especially in the service industry and those that are primarily brick & mortar have struggled tremendously as governments try to prevent the spread of COVID-19. even so, there is a lot we can do as individuals to help support the small businesses in our community!


here are 5 simple ways you can help support a small business.


1: like, comment & share on social media – sharing content from a small business is an incredibly easy way to help out! it can be as easy at sharing their most recent post to your story, or liking their content so that the algorithm picks up on it.

2: recommend to friends & family – don’t discredit how much people value recommendations from friends and family. if you know a great skincare brand ;) or an amazing restaurant that is doing killer take-out in your area, let people know!

3: buy their products or services – even though sharing on social media can be helpful and can certainly be a great confidence boost for small business owners, a great way to keep a small business alive is through financial contribution! we would love to send all of our followers PR but we need money to keep creating new product!

4: think local – maybe what you need can be found just around the corner. before you make a purchase, see if the product or service you are looking is offered locally so that you can help support your local economy!

5: leave an online review – if those chicken wings had the perfect crunch and just the right amount of sauce – let everyone know! try your best to leave a review online so that you can help a business attract new customers. if you love b-balm and b-wash, don’t forget to leave a review on our website!


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